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Example Of a Job Posting For a Mud Engineer Position

Status Of Posting: Closed

Fluids Service Specialist
Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids has an immediate opening for a Fluids Service Specialist for the Central US area, based out of Fort Worth, TX.


Provide onsite services by measuring, testing and supervising the running of fluid mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific recommendations for controlling fluid properties. 

Equipment Service:
∑        Maintain fluid properties on rig sites by testing fluid properties accurately.
∑        Maintain inventory on site (i.e.; must be able to count inventory and manage tickets)
Customer Service:
Must provide effective customer service by providing rig-site customers and coordinators information regarding the progress of a rig site and create/implement solutions to rig site problems. 

High School diploma or equivalency required. Bachelorís Degree preferred. Basic understanding of drilling fluid products, hydraulics, rig equipment, and lab equipment is helpful, but not required. 

I recommend "A Primer Of Oilwell Drilling" and "Nontechnical Guide To Oil and Gas Production" for anyone considering a job in the oil & gas industry.  You'll find them At The Oilfield Bookstore 

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