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Looking for a job on an offshore rig, land rig or service company?  Check our oilfield job postings which are updated bi-weekly.

Are The Good Times Back?  Both oil and natural gas prices are up, thanks to a combination of factors including a weak dollar, increased industrial demand for oil and gas, unrest in the Middle East and demand from China. From the lows of a couple years ago, the oil and gas industry is officially back and companies are finally hiring again.  There is an increased availability of  entry level oilfield jobs, primarily due to drilling in "liquids rich" areas of the major shale plays. The Permian Basin, Bakken shale , Niobrara, Eagle Ford shale and other oil producing areas lead the way with oilfield jobs. A drilling ban for the Eastern Gulf of Mexico will continue to stifle operations for seven more years.

      Global Shipping Increasing Demand For Oil

Liquids Rich Plays The Buzz. Natural gas prices remain in the low range, due to a glut of gas from shale plays in the U.S., such as the Marcellus shale. Oil and gas companies are moving drilling rigs into those sweet spots of shale plays like the Eagle Ford where the most oil and natural gas liquids can be recovered. It is in those plays where the most oilfield jobs are being created. South Texas is buzzing with dozens of pipeline projects and more than 120 rigs drilling, so that is one good place to look.

Current Gulf Drilling Rig Job Outlook.  (Update)

 The legacy of the Transocean Deepwater Horizon tragedy and ensuing BP oil spill will remain with us for years, however drilling will not stop in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling has been banned from the Eastern GOM for seven years, but is resuming in other areas. Day rates for semi-submersible rigs capable of working in 4000' of water are rising and this is creating competition among offshore drillers.  Despite the BP disaster the outlook for offshore rig jobs looks far than this time last year with companies now again actively placing ads for qualified offshore workers. Drilling will resume, with a host of new rules and regulations. (More jobs for offshore safety inspectors?) There will be literally hundreds of new offshore oil and gas safety inspection jobs and also some in preventative maintenance created as a result of this mess. Want out of your roughneck or rig job? Then get to a community college and start taking courses in oilfield safety, OSHA, etc, because those jobs are coming and hurricane season is going to hasten the inspection of all offshore rigs.

Land Rig Outlook For Texas.

The rig count in Texas is rising and there are some hot new areas being explored such as the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas.

 Due to the rising price of oil, the Permian Basin has picked up a considerable amount recently with a number of horizontal re-entry wells in established fields as well as exploratory wells to the south. Exploration of the limestone gas play along IH-10 in from Sutton County east and west has begun to resume and rigs are returning to drilling the play Rio Grande deep gas drilling is also on the increase due to stabilizing natural gas prices. Companies such as EOG and Petrohawk Energy are making substantial new finds in the newly discovered  Eagle Ford Shale Play  in South Texas. This one is big folks, and is a gas and oil play combined. Already is is being called the sixth largest U.S. oil find in history. Eagle Ford shale oilfield jobs will be increasing by several fold by this winter and into 2012 as major new drilling programs kick off.  Companies are already diverting resources and capital from shale plays like the Barnett (and perhaps now offshore to the Eagle Ford shale.

Companies currently seeking employees:

Patterson - UTI Drilling. http://patdrilling.com/   Patterson - UTI is accepting applications for the following jobs: Rig Superintendent, Rig Manager, Driller, Assistant Driller, Derrick Hand, Motor Hand, Floor Hand, Truck Driver, Top Drive Technician, Electrician, Mechanic, Welder, Swamper, Yard Hand, and Crane Operator.

Helmerich and Payne (H & P) Drilling. www.hpinc.com  Recently had several listings for qualified toolpushers, roughnecks and drillers, welders and roustabouts, as well as other positions.  You can download an application on their website  H&P has several Eagle Ford shale rigs running in South Texas and will have more soon.

Precision Drilling www.precisiondrilling.com   They are seeking applicants for  roughneck positions, motorhand, derrickhand, qualified drillers and tool pushers, top drive mechanic, rig mechanic, rig electrician, as well as non drilling jobs such as truck driver. Check the site for new postings.

Rowan Companies Inc   http://www.rowancompanies.com  Rowan's website currently states that they are no taking applications for U.S. land rig or offshore rig jobs.

Key Energy 

Key Energy is a diverse oilfield company and owner of the largest fleet of workover rigs in the world. The provide drilling services, water hauling and more. www.keyenergy.com 

Key Energy laid off many workers in the past few years but is hiring many back at this time. Key Energy will continue to be a source of good oilfield jobs in the future.

Texas Workforce Commission Jobs Site.. http://www.twc.state.tx.us/jobs/job.html      

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